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Recovering the Lost World, A Saturnian Cosmology – Chapter 10: The Peratt Column by Jno Cook is a free PDF investigation into Anthony Peratts suggestion of a high energy plasma discharge filament that was observed in planet Earths southern skies by ancient civilisations and recorded in petroglyphs (a special type of rock art) and mythology.

Jno also uses some recent findings and theories not available to Peratt back then.

If you have any interest in plasma mythology, the squatting man (squatter man), Peratt instabilities – the Electric Universe theory – then this chapter of Cook’s book is essential reading.

Jno explores and explains what the visual phenomena would have been like for those watching in total awe. Even if you don’t agree with all of his version of the ‘Saturn Configuration theory’ (you can read more on his site Saturnian Cosmology) he will open your mind to what humans went through and why we have the mythology we do.

The EU theory covers so many subjects and most of it is completely new to people that finding out exactly what things mean can be difficult. What exactly the squatting man was, did and especially how it looked is one of those things. This is a great introduction and could save you hours or even months of trying to figure out this essential part of EU plasma mythology.

You can buy the full Recovering the Lost World ebook version of Jno Cook’s theories on the Saturn Configuration or at least the formation of our solar system in an Electric Universe.

Quotes from The Recovering the Lost World – Peratt Column

Peratt has earlier stated that there was no apparent coincidence with the south magnetic pole, and also noted that the beams of electrons passed by the Earth. Peratt published before Firestone (the 10,900 BC event), so he would not know of the incineration of North America, which poured massive amounts of micro-sized carbon particles and carbon gas into the stratosphere. This entirely explains why the beams of electrons bypassed Earth. It would have been the upper atmospheric layer of carbon which prevented the plasmastream from Saturn from reaching Earth. Plasma depends only on one or two percent ionized anions or cations in a rarefied gas atmosphere. This will be a very low resistance. It was, in fact, thought, a century ago, that plasma streams had no internal resistance. But it was established in this century that there was a resistance.

… Although very little detail has been released of the visual effects of the Peratt Column, we could make some guesses. I would propose, therefore, that the brilliant lines of electrons which passed over the Earth were stationary, that is, they followed the Earth’s magnetic field lines, and thus the lines rotated as the Earth rotated; in effect they would be seen as stationary above any location on Earth. This presumes that the Earth’s magnetic field was considerably different from what we experience today. It would have been elongated in the north and south axial direction.
If the stripes overhead were stationary, that would perhaps account for the fact that at Nazca people could spend the considerable time needed to clear the miles-long paths as representations of the line
Recovering the Lost World, A Saturnian Cosmology

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