Comet Venus | Gary Gilligan

comet venus book gary gilligan author Immanuel VelikovskyComet Venus book by Gary Gilligan investigates and explains the crazy Egyptian myths through the eyes of the the Electric Universe theory.

This book is part of the God King Scenario series where Gary Gilligan suggests that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were actually named after ‘Worlds in Collision’ planetary events in our ancient skies.

Gary Gilligan’s theories are based on Immanuel Velikovsky’s ideas, that have evolved into the EU theory, and also by staring for a long time at Egyptian things in the British Museum!

The author participated in a Everythings Electric forum discussion about his Comet Venus book and ideas.

Gary Gilligan’s interpretation of Egyptian mythology is not always accepted by other Electric Universe mythology people but his book and ideas are very interesting and to some help to explain the complete madness that is our modern theories of Egyptian mythology.

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Publishers review of Comet Venus booK

He proposes that the divine god-kings of Pharaonic Egypt were first and foremost guises of planetary bodies as they appeared to move back and forth to Earth. He further proposes that these heavenly monarchs were represented by human ‘doubles’ – mortal Pharaohs who were believed to be earthly manifestations of god-king planets.
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