The Calendars of Megalithic Malta: Resolving their Functions and Anomalies | C R Sant

The Calendars of Megalithic Malta: Resolving their Functions and Anomalies by C R Sant is a stunning book for those investigating evidence for rapid and very recent changes to Earth’s orbit, inclination etc.

Ggantija North is adjacent to an older calendar, both having nearly same orientation. However the equinox to solstice angle in the later unit is 18deg, as against a previous 23deg in the older one. Reason for building a second unit on same orientation. Date: just after ~3550bce. Ggantija North became suddenly obsolete due to the 3200bce event.
C R Sant| Melita Megalithic

What is superb about this mythology and Maltese field investigation is that the author did not start or even intend to discover movements in our globes orientation. Sant makes it very clear from the beginning that he is not one of the crazies like he and others who should not be mentioned (Immanuel Velikovsky).

The book starts off with Sant defending what his logical conclusions are and you can even hear the pain in his writing as he gives his own and others (prehistoric Scottish and Mediterranean mass burials) evidence that condemns him to the fringes of pseudoscience. But he has no choice.

Like a summary for the defence of a sane heretic who has no option but suggest the scientifically peer reviewed and accepted impossible – that Malta’s Temples show physical evidence of being built on different alignments, with a few 100 or 1000’s years of each other.

Having lived on the islands of Malta and Gozo for years, explored the islands and its megalith structures and cart ruts, Sant’s observations appear to be feasible. The alignment and construction of groups of these ‘temples’ do not make sense when trying to correlate them to our modern solar system. Changes to our planets physical properties is one interpretation. Be it through a temporary process such as a geomagnetic jerk, a Worlds in Collision encounter, an Electric Universe interaction, plasma mythology based events, the Reversing tippe toppe Earth of Peter Warlow, and lots of other alternative ideas that are not scientifically accepted.

Malta’s Temple Obscura

Resolving the functions and anomalies of Malta Megalithic Calendars.

Still not crazy after all these years

Researching an ancient statuette, and the myth that was found to explain it, it turned out this was all mainly agrarian science presented in metaphor. Agriculture in Mediterranean latitudes is very dependent on season. For the cereals, the staple crop, only one growing season is allowed. Therefore getting the sowing time right was a primary concern. It still is. Thus a good solar year calendar was a valuable asset and necessity. Since Statuette and megalithic structure were an integral thing, research revealed the design of the megalithic structure to be an accurate and efficient solar calendar.

However two main anomalies became evident. The first obvious one was related to alignment. Unknown geological events had taken place, which contradict the established view on plate tectonics (see micro-plate rotations). The second concerns Earth dynamics. The evidence in the design hint strongly to abrupt changes in the Earth axial tilt, in contradiction to established thinking. Both anomalies had been perceived by others before, however there is now incontrovertible evidence.
Melita Megalithic