Billy Yelverton EU geology videos

Stunning electric geology and other EU theory processes including space plasmas are investigated by Billy Yelverton in his youtube Mr2Tuff2 channel.

Billy uses very practical experiments in his garage or workshop, using large scale electrical equipment on physical setups.

The most stupendous feature on Mars is Valles Marineris, the great trench stretching more than 3000 miles across the Martian surface. In the 1970’s the engineer Ralph Juergens first proposed that Valles Marineris is the scar left by a giant, interplanetary lightning bolt. If these events did occur, can they be replicated in experiments on Earth? Within the electric universe community, this challenge is now being met by those exploring the theory of planetary electrical scarring. Recently, geologic researcher Michael Steinbacher and experimentalist Billy Yelverton have collaborated to replicate the complex conditions that might have been present in an epoch of planetary instability. We asked Michael and Billy to provide an introduction to their collaboration, including BIlly’s recent reproduction of Valles Marineris.
Valles Marineris in the Laboratory? | Thunderbolts

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Billy Yelverton (Mr2) – Billy runs our electric/plasma lab, doing all the experiments and posting the videos. He also participates in Deeper Look and Fly on the Wall episodes of the Premium Content. Billy’s work on electric geology has been praised by thousands of people across the world, and helped make large strides in the new electric universe theories. His work with cosmic rays, electric discharges, and magnetohydrodynamics is fascinating.

Yelverton’s free videos are essential for those interested in Electric Universe theories.