Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity | Anthony L Peratt


Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity by Anthony L Peratt is an essential research paper for those interested in a plasma cosmology and universe, New Chronology, Catastrophism, Electric Universe theory, Immanuel Velikovsky, comparative mythology etc – basically anyone who is interested in alternative stuff.

Peratt and the teams findings, visual evidence are profound but as Tony himself can not stress enough …

Characteristic Abstract from Anthony L Peratt’s paper

The discovery that objects from the Neolithic or Early Bronze Age carry patterns associated with high-current Z-pinches provides a possible insight into the origin and meaning of these ancient symbols produced by man.

This paper directly compares the graphical and radiation data from high-current Z-pinches to these patterns. The paper focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on petroglyphs. It is found that a great many archaic petroglyphs can be classified according to plasma stability and instability data.

As the same morphological types are found worldwide, the comparisons suggest the occurrence of an intense aurora, as might be produced if the solar wind had increased between one and two orders of magnitude, millennia ago.

Tony L Peratt investigates how a special type of rock art found around most of the world seems to reflect what a plasma event in the Earths skies might have looked like. These images change as you move around the world, reflecting what people would have seen if the plasma column (Stickman, squatter man etc) was towering above the south pole.

The findings and visual evidence are mind blowing but …

The findings and visual evidence are mind blowing but …

Electric Universe theory proof/evidence? NO. But …

This paper and other works and papers by Anthony Peratt DO NOT prove and ARE NOT conclusive evidence that the Electric Universe theory is correct. No matter how other people interpret his findings or use them to confirm evidence for their own theories.

As Peratt says on his website “The Plasma Universe and Plasma Cosmology have no ties to the anti-science blogsites of the holoscience ‘electric universe’.”

But Peratt’s research on petroglyphs (strange rock art that suddenly appeared – changing from painted colours on cave walls to mainly crazy white etchings) linked to possible plasma instabilities witnessed in our skies may help convince people that it did happen and that the EU theory is perhaps right in some things.

Some of his own findings and interpretations whilst working along with David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, Marinus van der Sluijs (Rens van der Sluijs) and others are not from the Thunderbolts point of view of why they happened and when they happened.

Anthony Peratt is one of the worlds leading plasma scientists and researchers and Peratt Instabilities are named after him. Peratt work in the subject of squatterman and other types of petroglyphs are due to his interest in a plasma universe and not the EU theory. Although, as a result, he may have helped the Electric Universe theory.

There is also a free part 2 of this series which investigates further into the direction and source of the z-pinch.

View more free PDF’s on petroglyphs.

If you want a free PDF on the investigation and more about petroglyphs by Anthony Peratt and also Rens van der Sluijs then you can download Searching for Rock Art Evidence for an Ancient Super Aurora.

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