Ancient Destructions | Peter Jupp

Ancient Destructions videos are a brilliant investigation by Peter Mungo Jupp into not just the catastrophe world of the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) suggested by writers such as Immanuel Velikovsky in his Worlds In Collision and Earth In Upheaval book, or by archaeologists like Claude Schaeffer, but Peter Mungo Jupp also looks at how electromagnetic forces can change life on Earth and how humans behave.

The Ancient Destructions videos explore the different areas of the implications of the EU theory.

“Electro magnetic effects on everyday life? Could wild electro magnetic activity hold the key to the madness that is war and revolution?
You lie strapped to a bed while 800 milliamp (mA) of current flows through your brain. Your depressive numbness slowly replaced with elation.
Miraculously your suicidal brain has reprogrammed. But no one understands why.”
EUhuman – War, Brains and Thunderbolts

“Alaska, Siberia and Malta – 3 mass slaughter sites. Sites littered with carcasses and skeletons. Some are petrified as rocks, others invaded and buried in limestone, some are entombed in bitumen, still more buried in ice and peat bogs. Their instantaneous end was horrific, some were impeccably preserved but the vast bulk are shattered and dismembered by forces so potent we don’t see them today. We are naive to these mysterious powers.
The last mass extinction was not so long ago, perhaps only 3,500 years ago. It is etched in mankinds mythology.”
Ancient Destructions – The Cosmic Invader

Ancient Destructions video streaming

Peter Jupp has his main article site called Ancient Destructions. His videos are hosted from his subscription video streaming site Mungoflix.

You can watch a number of Ancient Destructions sample videos or full documentaries for free.

Peter Jupp also has free video streaming of 1 video from each of his subjects – Ancient DestructionsElectric GeologyEUhuman