Ancient Destructions free videos | Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp

There are no EU theory videos like Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp’s which are based on his Ancient Destructions articles.

Investigating the plasma universe and the Electric Universe theory effects on the planet, geology, life, history and humans. Inspired by the works of Immanuel Velikovsky, Claude Schaeffer, Alfred de Grazia and other EU people.

Jupps free videos can be found on the Ancient Destructions youtube channel. Most are short introductions of the longer videos.

There are also some free videos reflecting the categories on his Mungoflix subscription video streaming site – Ancient Destructions, EUhuman and Electric Geology.

Ancient Destruction free videos

EUhuman – brains, war and thunderbolts – a fascinating look at how the electromagnetic effects can change us electromagnetic humans and society.

Watch more free Ancient Destructions videos on youtube.

Thunderbolts, Mammoths and Mass Destruction part1

Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria the Australian Sodom and Gomorrah

More free Ancient Destructions videos

Peter Jupp has given Thunderbolt visitors links and access to a few videos of his for free, that you would normally have to buy or subscribe to. These appear to be the full length documentaries. Visit Peter Mungo Jupps articles on Thunderbolts to read the articles and find the links and passwords.
Lesbos, Homer and the War of the Worlds
Giant Wombats and Electrical Fossilization
Greenland: Once a Viking Paradise
Can Kangaroos Swim? The Wallace Line
Electric Fossils and Thundercrabs
… and more are available on the site