Ages in Chaos 2: Ramses II and His Time (Kindle ebook) | Immanuel Velikovsky

Ages in Chaos 2: Ramses II and His Time ebook (Kindle) by Immanuel Velikovsky is the investigation into possible errors in our chronology of Egypt and its effects on other dating systems throughout the world.

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The thesis presented and evidenced in this volume is that the so-called Hittite Empire, dubbed the Forgotten Empire because it was supposedly discovered less than one hundred years ago, is nothing but the kingdom of the Chaldeans; further, that the pictographic script found on monuments from the western shores of Asia Minor to Babylon, but mainly in central and eastern Anatolia and northern Syria, is most probably the Chaldean script.

The Hittite emperors are alter egos of the great kings of the Chaldean Dynasty of Babylon. Thus the Hittite Empire in its most exalted period, the placement of which in the fourteenth and thirteenth centuries before the present era has caused innumerable difficulties and led to much consternation among archaeologists, vanishes after having “lived” in books and articles for more than a century.

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As in the first part of the series Ages in Chaos, this volume unearths a string of erroneous theories and dismisses as pure fantasy several other aspects of the traditional written history concerning the ancient world. We learn, for example, that the so-called Hittite Empire is an historical invention and, in another critical paragraph, Velikovsky leads us the to the proper understanding of the Bronze- and Iron Ages.

In the extensive supplement, Velikovsky deals with the age-calculating method of radiocarbon dating and its surprising connections to his own theories.