Ages in Chaos 1: From the Exodus to King Akhnaton (Kindle ebook) | Immanuel Velikovsky

Ages in Chaos 1: From the Exodus to King Akhnaton ebook (Kindle) author Immanuel Velikovsky looks into the accepted dating of history and suggests that changes need to be made. Another controversial Velikovsky book but this time he upsets the chronology crowd.

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Velikovsky Encyclopedia review of Ages in Chaos: From the Exodus to King Akhnaton

Velikovsky claimed in this book that the histories of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel are five centuries out of step. He began by claiming that the Exodus took place not, as orthodoxy has it, at some point during the New Kingdom, but at the fall of the Middle Kingdom. He identifies the Hyksos with the Biblical Amalekites, the Biblical Queen of Sheba with the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, the Biblical Shishak king of Egypt with Pharaoh Thutmose III, and claims that the Egyptian Amarna letters from the late 18th Dynasty describe events from the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, roughly the time of King Ahab.
Velikovsky Encyclopedia review of Ages in Chaos

Publishers review

This is the first volume of the series Ages in Chaos, in which Immanuel Velikovsky undertakes a reconstruction of the history of antiquity. With utmost precision and the exciting style of a presentation that’s typical for him he shows, beyond doubt, what nobody would consider possible: in the conventional history of Egypt – and therefore also of many neighboring cultures – a span of 600 years is described, which has never happened!

This assertion is as unbelievable and outrageous as the assertions in Worlds in Collision or Earth in Upheaval. But Velikovsky takes us on a detailed and highly interesting journey through the – corrected – history and makes us a witness to how many question marks disappear, doubts vanish and corresponding facts from the entire Near East furnish a picture of overall conformity and correctness.

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