Cosmogony of the Solar System | John Ackerman


The Cosmogony of the Solar System by John Ackerman is a free PDF that describes what is known as the Velikovsky/Ackerman scenario. Ackerman’s theories for the formation of the planets and solar system are based on Immanuel Velokovsky’s works, combined with his own thinking and some Electric Universe related stuff.

One of his main theories is an impact on Jupiter from a rogue or wandering planet from outside our solar system. This is not EU theory dogma.

Quote from The Cosmogony of the Solar System

In the proposed cosmogony, the solar system began with the accretion of four giant ice planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in their current orbits. No terrestrial planets were present … I therefore maintain that the original solar system comprised four giant ice planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all of which are solid, low density, ice bodies and there are no ‘gas giants.’ Their initial accretion, perhaps from localized concentrations, was rapid enough, therefore hot enough, to form rocky iron cores from the refractory elements trapped in the ice.

… the impact on Jupiter 6,000 years BP resulting in the birth of Aditi. This event marked the birth of a new terrestrial planet, proto-Venus.

Other catastrophists and people interested in the Electric Universe theory and Velokovsky, have based parts of their own theories on the V/A scenario. The God King Scenario is an example of one of those.

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