A Beginner’s View of our Electric Universe (free ebook) | Tom Findlay


A good and detailed introduction to the history, characters and subjects of the Thunderbolt Electric Universe theory.

A Beginner’s View of our Electric Universe ebook by Tom Findlay is an introduction guide to the history, characters, themes of the Electric Universe theory. This is a free PDF of Thunderbolts based EU theories, models and interpretations.

Click on a link to go to Findlay’s site page where you can choose to download the book or download the FREE PDF now (large file over 20 MB).

To help the author and show appreciation for his Electric Universe theory work you could also purchase (a fairly expensive) printed version of Findlay’s book due to its size, or you can also purchase the much cheaper Kindle ebook version if you fancy that type of ebook.

Reviews of A Beginner’s View of our Electric Universe

The book has great reviews from its readers and those involved with the Thunderbolts Project and the EU movement in general – including Wallace Thornhill, Meldon Acheson, Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Jim Johnson, Dr Donald E Scott, William Gardner etc

Tom Findlay’s book is a remarkable contribution from a newcomer to the Electric Universe. He shows the impact that this new and simpler way of seeing the universe can have on a practical man with a keen interest in astronomy. “A Beginner’s View” is easy to read and copiously illustrated.
Wal Thornhill review of the book

Newcomers to the idea of electricity in space are apt to find even the possibility of electrical explanations for cosmic phenomena to be unfamiliar and therefore startling. This book provides a comfortable transition from familiar gravity-based explanations to a basic understanding of plasma behavior and its manifestations in stars and galaxies. The book will ease the surprise and enable the reader to better understand the more technical publications in this new way of thinking about the universe.
Meldon Acheson review of the book