Plasma Cosmology & EU theories (NOT Thunderbolts)

Theories based on the Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology but authors are NOT official Thunderbolts info or canon. Reviews of books and free ebooks or PDF’s. Guides to free videos and live streams. EU theory and Plasma Universe related subjects include geology, mythology, revised chronology, history and other alternative ideas.

Writers include Peter Warlow, Halton Arp, Louis C Kervran, Immanuel Velikovsky, Alfred de Grazia, Gary Gilligan, Tom Findlay, Peter Mungo Jupp, Anthony L Peratt, John Ackerman, Ralph Juergens, Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs, Charles Ginenthal, Ted Holden, Troy McLachlan, Jno Cook, Billy Yelverton, Michael Steinbacher, Hannes Alfvén, George Woodward Warder (1903!) and Robert J Johnson.

Everything Is Electric articles on electric geology, plasma mythology, new chronology and history.

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