Previous similar natural Global Warming?

similar natural global warming previous historyA study by University of Utah researches has suggested that there was a natural and similar Global Warming event previously. But that the starting conditions from when the Global Warming event happened were different - Earth was warmer and did not have ice caps.

The good news is that they also suggest the planet planet naturally recovered but it did take a long time.

What is interesting is what caused these natural rises in carbon emissions are thought to have occurred in a couple of bursts. Carbon is the gas that science suggests is the cause of Global Warming due to the findings of the planet Venus atmosphere, that Immanuel Velikovsky successfully predicted would be like it was but science suggested the complete opposite. Immanuel Velikovsky was ridiculed for his ideas and theories that led to him being the only person predicting what Venus would be like.

What events would have created these great outpourings of carbon and why in 2 bursts?

Double Global Warming Event research

The new study also ruled as unlikely some theorized causes of the warming episode, including an asteroid impact, slow melting of permafrost, burning of organic-rich soil or drying out of a major seaway. Instead, the findings suggest, in terms of timing, that more likely causes included melting of seafloor methane ices known as clathrates, or volcanism heating organic-rich rocks and releasing methane.

“The Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum has stood out as a striking, but contested, example of how 21st-century-style atmospheric carbon dioxide buildup can affect climate, environments and ecosystems worldwide,” says Bowen, an associate professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Utah.

“This new study tightens the link,” he adds. “Carbon release back then looked a lot like human fossil-fuel emissions today, so we might learn a lot about the future from changes in climate, plants, and animal communities 55.5 million years ago.”

Bowen cautioned, however, that global climate already was much warmer than today’s when the Paleocene-Eocene warming began, and there were no icecaps, “so this played out on a different playing field than what we have today.”
Past Global Warming Similar to Today’s (