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Pluto ice shield volcanoes

planetary geomorphology earth mars pluto volcanoesHave ice volcanoes been discovered on Pluto?

You can try to find shield volcanoes on planet Earth or Mars that look like Pluto’s supposed ice shield volcanoes but it is difficult. If you can please comment below with the links.

You can find perhaps one similar feature in a shield volcano but not a combination, especially the lumpy sides? Olympus Mons on Mars is the closest with its lumpy sides?

Olympus Mons is supposedly lava on a rocky planet, so how would cryovolcanism produce a similar feature on a dwarf planet that is supposedly icy? Would planetary geomorphology explain the formation processes?

Is the Pluto ice shield volcano just a hole or depression in the ground?

Or is it evidence of previous Electric Universe geology and events?

If they are active geological features then how are they active and powered on icy, cold, old Pluto? Are they powered by the energy from an Electric Universe?

Rocky Mars/Earth volcanoes and ‘icy’ Pluto volcanoes?

Two possible ice volcanoes have been identified on the surface of Pluto … the mountains are several km high and tens of km across, and each has what appears to be a depression in the top.

… On Earth or Mars, their shape recalls shield volcanoes – broad, tall edifices that develop from repeat eruptions of low-viscosity fluids. As well as their putative calderas, they display a hummocky texture on their flanks that may represent old “lava” flows. How recently they might have been active, though, no-one can say currently.

Pluto is a small body that should have lost most of its heat to space over the course of Solar System history. That said, not a lot of energy would be required to melt and mobilise the cocktail of ices that coat the planet.
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“It’s just astounding that in all of the exploration that we have done, that the nearest neighbour analogy to these constructs occurs on Mars,” commented Prof Alan Stern, the principal investigator on the New Horizons mission. “You have to look all the way to the ‘other Red Planet’ to find something similar.

“Across all the worlds of the middle Solar System, we’ve seen nothing like this. It’s truly amazing.”
New Horizons: Pluto may have ice volcanoes

Pluto’s features, by contrast, are clearly visible and bear stark similarities to Earth’s volcanoes. “This is the first time where we see what seem to be tall volcanic edifices,” White said.

The two slopes are lightly cratered, White told, which suggests that they are younger than the northern terrains of Pluto, though not nearly as young as the “heart” of Pluto, Sputnik Planum. Scientists aren’t certain of the mountains’ composition, though White suggested it could be nitrogen ice. The thin atmosphere would likely allow for the fluidization of the material across the surface.
Icy Volcanoes May Erupt on Pluto

Planetary geomorphology – shield volcanoes