pluto titan dunes ridges

Pluto dunes or Pluto ridges?

Pluto dunes or Pluto ridges are the latest geology Pluto puzzle.

‘Dunes’ are being found in surprising places on bodies in our solar system, especially on those that are supposedly made of ice or other materials that are not sand or rock.

Pluto’s dunes or Pluto’s ridges at first glance look vaguely similar to Titans dunes or Titans ridges. although the resolution in these Pluto images is not detailed enough to see closely.

Science uses geomorphology to work out the origin and formation of geological features on other planets and objects in our solar system.

But how do planets, moons, comets and asteroids that are so physically different keep having similar geology features? Which proponents of the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) have successfully predicted would be the case. The opposite view to astronomers and scientists.

Titan dunes or ridges?

Titan has dunes that could also look like ridges. On close up though they look like dendritic formations, electrical discharge shape, like bits of a Lichtenberg figure discharge. These dunes are on a massive scale and then you get lots of little bits of them in open flatter areas.

Comet 67P dunes

Comet 67P has dunes.

Mars dunes