pluto surface rocky or icy

Pluto: icy or rocky surface?

pluto surface rocky or icyIs Pluto’s surface rocky or icy?

Does it have an icy surface because of its atmosphere that has been observed? Or has science actually measured its surface and that is the result?

Is the dwarf planet Pluto an icy planet as that is what planet formation theory suggests it has to or should have?

Pluto’s atmosphere consists of a thin envelope of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide gases, which are derived from the ices of these substances on its surface. Its surface pressure ranges from 6.5 to 24 μbar.

What will the New Horizons mission to Pluto discover?

Icy or Rocky Pluto?

Could Pluto’s surface be rocky, dusty and not made of water ice? Similar to other comets, active asteroids? The strange atmosphere coming from the electrochemical processes happening on its surface as it electrically interacts with a possible Electric Universe?

Will Pluto be found to have a hard surface with little or no ice material and therefore science will suggest that the ice has to be below the surface. Again like other asteroids and comets we have recently investigated?

If Pluto is an ice dwarf planet what will that mean for the EU theory? If the very large asteroid or comet Pluto is found to made of rock or hard material what would that mean for the nebular hypothesis?