diveflyfish electric universe geology plasma discharge mountains experiments

Plasma discharge EMountains

diveflyfish electric universe geology plasma discharge mountains experimentsA plasma arc discharge experiment creating raised mountains in the classic Lichtenberg discharge pattern.

Plasma arc mountains

Is the dendritic pattern of mountains uplifted, raised, pulled up by a massive Electric Universe plasma arc discharge?

Or for planet size mountain building does the electromagnetic effect the material that is already there, perhaps the mountains or hills already there, and shapes it into the Lichtenberg figure?

Electrical discharge EMountain formation

Does it have to be a massive interplanetary Thunderbolt from the Gods, a plasma discharge arc?

Could it also be a massive discharge event? Even from inside planet Earth itself or a discharge from the electrical potential energy in the land and salty sea?

Thanks to Mark Spann for introducing the diveflyfish Electric geology experiment videos.

And as he suggests is the dendritic pattern already going to happen with the material (hills, mountains)? Does it have a sort of Morphic Field shape that it wants or needs to form, as long as it gets enough energy and time?