titan plasma fountain polar wind

Planets and Moons Plasma Fountains

titan plasma fountain polar windThe Earths Plasma Fountain (Polar Wind) found at our planets North Pole is not the only Plasma Fountain in our solar system.

It seems that Saturn’s moon Titan also has a Plasma Fountain or Polar Wind as it now seems to be called. This paper also suggests that Mars and Venus have their own Polar Winds.

titan polar wind A new upper limit to the field-aligned potential near TitanThis would suggest an energy circuit or energy transfer between planets and our solar system (the Sun?).

Neutral particles dominate regions of the Saturn magnetosphere and locations near several of Saturn’s moons. Sunlight ionizes neutrals, producing photoelectrons with characteristic energy spectra. The Cassini plasma spectrometer electron spectrometer has detected photoelectrons throughout these regions, where photoelectrons may be used as tracers of magnetic field morphology.

They also enhance plasma escape by setting up an ambipolar electric field, since the relatively energetic electrons move easily along the magnetic field. A similar mechanism is seen in the Earth’s polar wind and at Mars and Venus. Here we present a new analysis of Titan photoelectron data, comparing spectra measured in the sunlit ionosphere at ~1.4 Titan radii (RT) and at up to 6.8 RT away.

This results in an upper limit on the potential of 2.95 V along magnetic field lines associated with Titan at up to 6.8 RT, which is comparable to some similar estimates for photoelectrons seen in Earth’s magnetosphere.
A new upper limit to the field-aligned potential near Titan