planets orbits electromagnetic

Planets orbits due to electromagnetic forces?

Are planets, moons and asteroid/comets orbits due to electromagnetic forces in an Electric Universe?

Why are most of our solar systems planets on the same orbital plane?

If a planets orbit is the result of electromagnetic forces and not gravity then this would help solve the mystery.

Like a lot of moons in the solar system, including our own, Mimas always shows essentially the same face to its parent planet. This is called a spin-orbit resonance, meaning the moon’s rotation, or spin, is in sync with its orbit around Saturn. Like Earth’s moon, Mimas takes the same amount of time to spin completely around on its axis as it takes to orbit its planet.
Saturn’s Moon Mimas May Have a Liquid Water Ocean Beneath the Surface

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Moons in electromagnetic orbits?

Jupiter’s moon Mimas has an unusual orbit for its predicted composition.

Would this also help to explain why some moons always point the same surface towards their partner planet?

Resonance and solar bodies

Moons, planets and bodies in resonance due to gravity or electromagnetic forces? It has been suggested that you can not have a stable clockwork universe involving more than a few bodies, chaos has to enter the system.

planets orbits electromagnetic

A number of features in Saturn’s rings are related to resonances with Mimas. Mimas is responsible for clearing the material from the Cassini Division, the gap between Saturn’s two widest rings, the A Ring and B Ring. Particles in the Huygens Gap at the inner edge of the Cassini division are in a 2:1 resonance with Mimas. They orbit twice for each orbit of Mimas.

The repeated pulls by Mimas on the Cassini division particles, always in the same direction in space, force them into new orbits outside the gap. The boundary between the C and B ring is in a 3:1 resonance with Mimas. Recently, the G Ring was found to be in a 7:6 co-rotation eccentricity resonance with Mimas; the ring’s inner edge is about 15,000 kilometres (9,300 mi) inside Mimas’s orbit.

Mimas is also in a 2:1 mean motion resonance with the larger moon Tethys, and in a 2:3 resonance with the outer F Ring shepherd moonlet, Pandora.
Orbital resonances

Electromagnetic forces

Would something along the lines of Faraday’s laws help explain why planets are on the same orbital plane? And those that are not are due to electrical forces?

Comets and asteroids orbits would also be explained as an electrical force attraction between them and the Sun.