impact craters australia largest on earth planet asteroid meteorite

Planets largest impact crater or electric discharge scars?

impact craters australia largest on earth planet asteroid meteoriteThe largest impact crater ever found has been discovered in Australia.

Or is it the evidence and remains of an electrical discharge event coming from or to deep in the earths ground? The rock being transformed by the incredible energy, pressure and heat of the electromagnetic field and current.

Australian Aborginal myths appear to mention the land being transformed by the spirits of gods and the gods themselves, is this evidence of Electric Universe geology?

Largest impact crater or discharge crater?

A 400 kilometre-wide impact zone from a huge meteorite that broke in two moments before it slammed into the Earth has been found in Central Australia.

The crater from the impact millions of years ago has long disappeared. But a team of geophysicists has found the twin scars of the impacts – the largest impact zone ever found on Earth – hidden deep in the earth’s crust.

“The two asteroids must each have been over 10 kilometres across” said Dr Glikson.
World’s largest asteroid impacts found in central Australia

The suggestions below are my own quick ideas on what may have happened with the Electric Universe in mind, and they are not EU theory gospel.

The exact date of the impacts remains unclear. The surrounding rocks are 300 to 600 million years old, but evidence of the type left by other meteorite strikes is lacking.

For example, a large meteorite strike 66 million years ago sent up a plume of ash which is found as a layer of sediment in rocks around the world. The plume is thought to have led to the extinction of a large proportion of the life on the planet, including many dinosaur species.

However, a similar layer has not been found in sediments around 300 million years old, Dr Glikson said.

“It’s a mystery – we can’t find an extinction event that matches these collisions. I have a suspicion the impact could be older than 300 million years,” he said.
World’s largest asteroid impacts found in central Australia

The missing evidence or material perhaps explained if it was an electrical discharge crater or event and not a hit by a massive asteroid that split into two.

No extinction event due to it not being an impact?

And dating of rocks and stuff is not to be trusted, as the Sun and the Universe seems to be very active and producing lots of rays.

A geothermal research project chanced on clues to the impacts while drilling more than two kilometres into the earth’s crust.

The drill core contained traces of rocks that had been turned to glass by the extreme temperature and pressure caused by a major impact.
World’s largest asteroid impacts found in central Australia

Lightning strikes can produce glass or turn material into sand. Massive electromagnetic forces could do the same. This also explains why diamonds and other gemstones are found on or near the surface.

Magnetic modelling of the deep crust in the area traced out bulges hidden deep in the Earth, rich in iron and magnesium, corresponding to the composition of the Earth mantle.

“There are two huge deep domes in the crust, formed by the Earth’s crust rebounding after the huge impacts, and bringing up rock from the mantle below,” Dr Glikson said.

The two impact zones total more than 400 kilometres across, in the Warburton Basin in Central Australia. They extend through the Earth’s crust, which is about 30 kilometres thick in this area.
World’s largest asteroid impacts found in central Australia

An electromagnetic discharge going to or from deep within the Earth would be able to change a large deep area. These impact zones seem to be very deep.

  • The structures are marked by deep-seated magnetic and seismic tomography anomalies.
  • U-stage and TEM studies of quartz define Miller–Bravais and deformed lamella.
  • Missing Devonian to upper Carboniferous strata suggest strong uplift.

Geophysical anomalies and quartz deformation of the Warburton West structure, central Australia (Research paper)

The missing strata has been transfuted into other forms? The magnetic effects are a sign of a large electric current flowing through a material? The grounds structure has been changed as the material has been changed and the movement of land would be expected for Electric Universe geology – mountains and rolling hills are likely pulled upwards or the material changed into a different structure.

One of biggest ever asteroid impact zones found in Australia – initial discovery a few years ago.

Aboriginal myths and Electric Discharge Machining of land

The Aborgines talk about one of their gods moving through the land creating rivers and even craters. Could that be knowledge and a way of explaining natural electric currents flowing through the Earth and creating Electric Universe geology?

For example about Wollangambie Crater.

In the local Aboriginal myths their Sky God Baiame, carved the whole area and stepped back into the Spirit World from Mt Yengo nearby.
Geological Anomalies – Wollangambie Crater