Piscids meteorites shower puzzle origin

Piscid meteor shower mystery

Piscids meteorites shower puzzle originThere are a number of mysteries about the Piscid meteor shower – what is the Piscids meteor shower source, why was it not observed much before, is it new etc?

Usually considered the “highlight” of September, this meteor shower, like all showers visible during the month, has been poorly observed due to an overall lack of observations. It seems apparent that the radiant is quite diffuse, though additional observations might help to resolve the stream’s possibly complex structure.

Only two apparent observations of this shower seem to exist in the 19th Century and they were both made by W. F. Denning

… even though there was no trace of a secondary stream, the orbits obtained during the 1961-1965 study and that of 1968-1969 were somewhat different. The Author believes these orbital differences, as well as the differences in the dates of nodal passage, offer supporting evidence that two branches of the Piscid stream do exist

… Although the latter shower seems to definitely represent an observation of the northern branch of the Piscid stream, the Author believes the “Southern Piscids” might not actually be associated with the southern branch.

Piscid meteor shower mystery – comet or asteroid source?

This quote below is from 2012.

Piscid meteor shower mysteryExperts say a new bunch of shooting stars, tentatively known as the Piscids, might make their appearance as a warmup act.

Based on computer models run by Russian forecaster Mikhail Maslov, the new meteor shower would seem to emanate from a different point in the sky, in the constellation Pisces. The source of the cosmic debris would be Comet Wirtanen, which was discovered in 1948 and takes 5.4 years to orbit the sun. NASA says the comet has skirted Earth’s orbit many times, but according to Maslov, this year could mark the first time Earth plows right through Wirtanen’s debris trail.
Look for new ‘Piscid’ meteor shower (nbcnews.com)

Is it from a comet or an asteroid? What difference does that make?

Planet formation theory suggests that comets and asteroids are very different. Visual evidence, physical evidence and the EU theory (Electric Universe theory) suggest that comets and asteroids are the same, in fact comets are just active asteroids.