Philae lander looking for Electric Universe evidence?

Philae lander Electric Universe evidence theoryThe Philae landing craft as part of its experiments is looking, amongst other things, for evidence that could help increase the evidence that it may be an Electric Universe.

When the Philae lander detaches from the Rosetta space craft it will slowly over 7 hours drift towards Comet 67P, under the weak influence of the comets gravity pull. During that decent time it will be measuring the local magnetic field and also looking at the local plasma (solar wind).

Philae measuring for Electric Universe evidence?

electric universe theory evidence experimentsPhilae measuring instruments include:

SESAME (Surface Electrical, Seismic, and Acoustic Monitoring Experiments) to investigate surface material acoustically, measure dielectric properties of the environment, and monitor dust impacts.

CONSERT (Comet Nucleus Sounding Experiment By Radiowave Transmission) to investigate electrical characteristics of the nucleus bulk material and internal structure.

ROMAP (Rosetta Lander Magnetic field investigation and Plasma monitor) to investigate the comet's magnetic field and interaction with the solar wind.

For more detailed information on the experiments - SCIENCE WITH THE LANDER – WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN PHILAE MEETS 67P

What would be Electric Universe Theory evidence?

Will the Philae spacecraft measure surprising or unusual results around Comet 67P, especially as it gets closer to it? Or will nothing change or be surprising, especially if it lands and stays on the comet?

If the force of gravity is electromagnetic in nature could there be a surprise? Weight is calculated as w=mg (weight = mass x gravitational acceleration). If the comets local gravity got slightly weaker or stronger near the comets surface then would this be seen as Philae's descent speed increasing or decreasing? If this did happen then of course it could be explained by science as those pesky jets that seem to spring from where there are no fissures that we can see.

If the Philae lander manages to land and stay on the comet then as it gets closer to the sun could weight/gravity change as it and its local electromagnetic field changes?

If the comets jets and coma are due to electrical activity of the electrically charged comet reacting as it travels further into the Suns electrically charged environment, will this show up?

The Rosetta Mission to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko has already provided evidence for the EU Theory, from its rocky surface and shape, to the molecules in its jet and coma. All those who have an interest in the Electrical Universe Theory will be hoping that the Philae lander, designed to land on a round lump of ice that science and Big Ban Theory combined with Planetary Formation Theory knows all comets to be, will manage to land and stay there.