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Sun ‘spots’ ?

petroglyph rock art spots dots sun plasma fruit sunOne of the main puzzles with petroglyphs are what do they actually represent? These surreal images chipped into rock faces around the world could be interpreted as anything, mean anything, be anything.

One of the sensible options for circular based rock etchings would be the Sun. But the problem is the variety of imagery that mostly look nothing like the Sun we see today.
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Are the strange and puzzling petroglyphs with marks, dots, cups, spots in them representing the Sun or another form of plasma discharge?
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If round petroglyph’s are the Sun or a similar plasma phenomenon how could they have dots in them? With this particular Achnabreac cup and ring petroglyph showing cups or dots in the multiple layers.

Do some groupings show the evolution of the plasma event?

The SAFIRE Project has taken images of a plasma discharge during its early stage experiments to investigate the Electric Sun model. Some of these could be interpreted to be similar to the ancient images chipped and carved into rock faces around the world, with dots and spots in them.

Especially if the earlier form of the Sun or plasma event that seems to have been observed by man across the planet showed concentric circles (layered atmospheres), then you could show spots inside multiple circles to show what it was referring to?

Ancient sun or plasma event symbols?

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4,8,12,16,24,32 are the most common number of rays or dots, due to resonance in the torus. Other pattern may arise due to harmonics as the power in the circuit changes.

Remember also that all these devices are of a floating neutral nature, so changes in the background (local fluff) voltage vs the birkland current energy will result in a changing power dissipation and altered appearance.
GaryN quote from The EM Universe | Thunderbolts forum

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