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Petroglyphs – sun ‘shine’, flowers or plasma?

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Have petroglyphs that appear to show the sun shining, with the sunshine triangles on its outside and inner concentric circles, been observed by the SAFIRE Project that is investigating the theory of Electric Stars and an Electric Sun in an Electric Universe?

Is this the concentric circle plasma (up to 15 stratified atmospheres) that has been changed? The petroglyph rings mutating to a slightly different pattern?
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We found that the plasma formed its own spherical atmospheres. Not only one but two then three and at times over 15 stratified atmospheres, all spinning around each other.

But the plasma is also extremely sensitive. Almost anything that has the ability to accept or admit and electric charge or a magnetic field can change its behaviour.
SAFIRE Project: Phase 1 -Proof of Concept

Or are they just images of the sun, with the archetype of the sun with triangles on its outside still existing today, or flowers?

it appears that Sutherland Wash Rock Art District was a ceremonial place with emphasis on the Uto-Aztecan Flower World. Flowers hold special meaning to speakers of Uto-Aztecan languages representing a spiritual landscape, a flowery, colorful, glittering paradise, that can be evoked through prayers, songs and other human actions.

The first is the Flower World complex which is evident not only in petroglyphs representing both realistic and abstract flowers but also in glyphs depicting important related imagery including birds and butterflies.
Hohokam Petroglyphs at Sutherland Wash: Flower World and Gender Imagery | Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society

Plasma or sun god petroglyphs?

There are a lot of possible interpretations of plasma events that have been mentioned and investigated by experts in plasma mythology and the Electric Universe theory, but just to show an example of the seemingly endless possibilities recorded by ancient cultures here a couple that may be related to the above. Or perhaps not?