black holes

Only a pair of Kings?

The LIGO algorithm has declared another monstrous supermassive black hole merger. Again between what were thought to be impossible massively supersized black holes.

super massive black holesAll four collisions detected to date involve black holes of a similar size. This has come as a surprise to many astronomers, including Prof Martin Hendry of Glasgow University.

“They are more massive than we may have previously expected,” he told BBC News.”We were expecting to get some black holes that were 20 or 30 solar masses, but now it’s beginning to look as if this is the norm rather than being unusual.

“We can’t read too much into just four confirmed events but what we have is starting to hint at pathways to form such systems which might allow us to rule out some models. We can’t do that just yet but it would appear that if they are always as massive as this, we may not need too many more [detections before we can draw some conclusions about how black holes form].

Got to be a pair of black hole Aces out there? Blackholes much larger than this in theory? When will the LIGO RNG deal them?

black holes

The LIGO system is to be upgraded to make it even more sensitive and will be back online in a year’s time. And there are plans to add detectors in Japan and India which will enable researchers to detect less violent gravitational distortions and perhaps discover objects and phenomena in the Universe that we cannot yet even imagine.

Oh yeah!

“It is tantalising to see this new story of how black holes formed and evolved through history of the cosmos,” she told BBC News. “This information is almost within our grasp but we are not quite there yet.”

black holes very large

Are these the normal size of black holes? If not them why only gigantic black holes merging?

And why are these phenomena still being called black holes when they seem to me and my memory to be nothing similar to what theory previously suggested they were and would resemble?