Orbital resonant energy transfer?

resonant energy transfer planetsAre our Solar systems orbital resonances of asteroids, moons, planets and the Sun part of an orbital resonant energy transfer system?

Are binary stars in orbital resonance part of a transfer of energy system?

Eta Carinae's stars energy transfer?

resonant energy transfer starsWhat is fascinating about the 2 different stars of the Eta Carinae system is that each time they get close to each other and interact the smaller stars physical structure changes.

stars harmony frequency energyEvery time they pass and then get far enough apart so we can observe the stars X rays, the smaller stars X ray emission is different.

Do other binary stars and planets in orbital resonance also slightly change when their plasmaspheres interact/touch each other?

Orbital resonance energy transfer?

Is the whole point of the orbital resonance, frequency, harmony so that they can actually physically interact at regular intervals?

To keep the timing of the partnership to date, to keep the whole solar system in tune?

By exchanging energy or topping up etc?

An electromagnetic feedback loop or system in an Electric Universe?