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orbital resonance: stars and planets

orbital resonance frequency jupiter ioPlanets have orbital resonance, where their orbits are somehow linked or locked into a precise frequency and harmony around a central point (normally that systems star).

Binary star systems also have an orbital resonance, referred to as a Binary Star orbit, around the ‘center of mass of the system’.

orbital resonance jupiter moons io europa ganymedeWhen the bodies are furthest apart it is called the apastron and when they are at their closest distance it is called the periastron.

There are also solar system orbital resonances and lots of them.

It is perhaps how our solar system maintains its structure and all the orbit resonances.

Are the orbital resonances of asteroids, moons, planets, stars and solar systems a circuit? A way to keep energy balances or transfer energy between them through touching plasmaspheres and other electromagnetic forces?

Planets orbital resonance

Planets and moons in our solar system have orbital resonance. Even planets and asteroids have forms of orbital resonance.

The most famous are Jupiter and its moons – Ganymede, Europa and Io. You also have Neptune and Pluto, Titan and Hyperion, Dione and Enceladus.

stars and binary stars orbital resonance

orbital resonance binary system starsStars and especially binary stars have an orbital resonance, they are in harmony or a form of frequency with each other.

The Eta Carinae system has binary superstars in an orbital resonance.