Orbital resonance: Eta Carinae’s binary superstars

binary stars orbital resonance energy Eta CarinaeThe Eta Carinae stella system has a couple of superstars, in binary orbit, with an orbital resonance of around 5.5 years when they are at their periastron (closest distance).

When the stars are at their periastron they also are passing each other at the greatest velocity and appear to speed up and whip past each other.

The smaller partner star has a massive and incredible elliptic orbit. How did it and they manage to get and keep that sort of orbit?

Eta Carinae's orbital resonance

binary stars orbital resonance frequencyWhen the Eta Carinae binary stars are going through their periastron they interact and the smaller star physically changes - its x rays after the periastron event change each time.

Is the whole point of the Eta Carinae orbital resonance so that the superstars solar wind (plasma), plasmaspheres, magnetospheres can connect and influence each other?

Eta Carinae's stars orbital resonance video

This video of Eta Carinae including the latest observed periastron looks stunning. How much of it is actually fact rather than mathematical modelling is hard to initially work out. If those 'gas instabilities' are fact then that would be of great interested to the Electric Universe theory.