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Of mice and men – electromagnetic evolution

mice evolution magnetic zero gravity 0 issHow would changes in gravity or a planets electromagnetic nature effect animals, plants and humans?

A study of mice on the ISS (International Space Station) has shown that mice in zero gravity conditions are effected physically. The article also mentions that Human skin also seems to be effected with long term exposure to zero gravity conditions.

The outer skin layer of the space mice was thinner than that of the earth-bound control mice. There were also changes to the hair follicles.

“Hair grows and then stops growing – they rest and then they fall, this is the cycle,” Dr Nusgens explained. “The cycle of the hair [in the space mice] was disturbed.”

In particular, their hairs were in the opposite stage of the cycle from where they should have been – actively growing instead of resting.

… Similarly, there were some changes to the layer of muscle lying directly under the skin – which is absent in humans.

“But we don’t know how or why – we have no more experimental data to explain this problem,” Dr Nusgens told BBC News.

… Three of the creatures survived the trip – the others falling victim to mishap or health complaints

… Astronauts tend to experience increased skin irritation and find that minor wounds, such as scratches and abrasions, take longer to heal.
Mice in space develop thin skin

Why does the cycle the change?

Could massive events on the Earth change humans, animals and plants?

Could this show evidence for rapid electromagnetic evolution?

If the planet Earth was part of a different planetary setup or lived in the plasmasphere of a brown dwarf star then would life forms have been physically different?

And if humans travelled, lived or were born on other planets like Mars, how would humans change?

Would the experience of the mice – death or illness – be the fate for some humans who spent a long time in zero gravity – or away from the natural cycle and energy of planet Earth?