central peak craters mars gale crater

Not Gale central peak crater?

central peak craters mars gale crater
Central peak craters on Mars – not Gale crater
central peak craters formation theory mars
Central peak craters formation theory on Mars

When is a central peak crater not a central peak crater?

When its found in Gale crater on Mars and called Mount Sharp instead.

Meteor impact craters often produce mountains or peaks in the middle of the crater, called central peak craters.

Science suggests that these central peaks were formed by melting of rock from the impact of the asteroid/meteor and then when the rock is rebounding it freezes in the shape of the central peak.

Not Gale central peak crater

mount sharp gale crater not central peak crater
Mount Sharp in Gale crater on Mars not a central peak crater unlike Tycho Crater on the Moon

Mars has lots of these central peak craters. Gale Crater also has a central peak but it seems less sharp than others or maybe due to another reason, so is called a mountain instead, Mount Sharp. It is over 3 miles tall.

But Mount Sharp is not the central peak of Gale Crater, although it is located in the center of the crater and looks like one. Mount Sharp was not formed by the rebounding theory.

Now scientists using the Mars Curiosity rover images have concluded that Mount Sharp was formed by sediment inside Gale Crater lake.

not central peak crater formation mount sharp gale crater mars
Not Gale crater on Mars

How was not central peak Sharp formed?

mount sharp formation theory gale crater sediment
Mount Sharp formation theory in Gale crater – sediment layers and Mars water erosion

What depth did the Gale Crater lake have to be to form the 3 mile high Mount Sharp?

What sort of water erosion was happening around and in the lake to produce that much sediment?

Where is the evidence of the erosion from or around Gale Crater?

Where has all the water on Mars gone?

Will all other craters with central peaks have to be looked to see if they were formed by water erosion and sediment, especially if they are not exaggerated peaks?

mount sharp sediment mountain lake formation gale crater mars

Eu theory and central peak craters formation

central peak crater formation theory gale mimas
Central peak crater formation theory on Mimas without destroying the small moon?

Could craters and their central peaks be formed by spark erosion, Electric Discharge Machining or large plasma discharge events in an Electric Universe?

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