No water on dirty snowball comet 67P surface

comets surface dry no ice water electric universe evidenceComet 67P has had its surface dust grains captured by the Rosetta spacecraft and those particles have no water in them.

This seems to mean that dirty snowball comets do not have water on the surface and that the surface is a layer of dust and/or rock.

Science now suggests that comets are icy dirt balls and that the ice is hidden beneath the surface.

Dirty snowball comet surface has no water?

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko dust grains were captures in aerogel but exploded when captures.

It also implies that the grains didn’t have a water-ice component. If they did, they wouldn’t shatter in the gel—rather, the watery component would evaporate, leaving only the rocky component to be studied. And if the grain was entirely ice, the whole thing would have evaporated, leaving nothing behind.

The comet therefore has an outer layer of pure dust with no water-ice. The dust is high in sodium and fluffy.
Rosetta spacecraft catches pieces as comet sheds its dusty crust

Perhaps the whole of comet 67P/C-G is rocky or made of minerals and has no water?

This total surprise confirms theories?

The study confirms that the comet’s dust originates from the Solar System’s interplanetary dust. And since the dust is high in sodium, it explains why some comets have been observed to be high in sodium.
Rosetta spacecraft catches pieces as comet sheds its dusty crust

Science predicted a dirty snowball, nice and round and made of ice water. They did not predict a rocky and electrically active comet/asteroid which the Electric Universe theory predicted.

Science theories did not predict comet 67P yet it confirms their other theories that were the basis for the dirty snowball comet?