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Nice smooth planetary migrations

One interesting interpretation of data is The Nice Model which uses more peer reviewed accepted theories but still proposes the movement of the planets including a Jumping Jupiter into their current positions and orbits.

Dr Fraser’s research indicates that when Neptune moved from 20 AU to its current location at 30 AU, this was a very slow and calm movement …
There has been some evidence around how Neptune moved outwards to 30 AU. Our hypothesis about how these blue binaries came to be where they are requires that Neptune’s migration was largely a smooth and calm movement.
Neptune’s journey during early planet formation was ‘smooth and calm’

Nice Model

The heavily populated mean-motion resonances in the Kuiper belt strongly suggest that the orbits of the planets have migrated. In particular, it has been inferred that Neptune moved outwards by 10 AU or so. Migration is driven by torques resulting from the scattering of bodies out of the Solar system.
The Nice Model | David Jewitt

nice model Immanuel Velikovsky

It proposes the migration of the giant planets from an initial compact configuration into their present positions, long after the dissipation of the initial protoplanetary gas disk. In this way, it differs from earlier models of the Solar System’s formation. This planetary migration is used in dynamical simulations of the Solar System to explain historical events including the Late Heavy Bombardment of the inner Solar System, the formation of the Oort cloud, and the existence of populations of small Solar System bodies including the Kuiper belt, the Neptune and Jupiter trojans, and the numerous resonant trans-Neptunian objects dominated by Neptune. Its success at reproducing many of the observed features of the Solar System means that it is widely accepted as the current most realistic model of the Solar System’s early evolution, although it is not universally favoured among planetary scientists.
Nice model | Wikipedia

Nice Velikovsky Model

Combined with the Nice Model the Neptune blue binary paper is another scientific report with theory that sounds similar to the heretic Immanuel Velikovsky’s ideas of planets changing their orbits. The dates have been changed to protect the innocent.

nice model Worlds in Collision

Worlds not in collision but planets migrating … the Newtonian clockwork solar system idea certainly seems to be dead even to most astronomy followers and scientists.

The mechanics of why the planets have migrated vary but disturbances in orbits are a common idea. peer reviewed nebular hypothesis, Nice Model, Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision, Velikovsky / Ackerman model, Thunderbolts Electric Universe theory, what ever model of our solar system cosmogony you follow seems to suggest that there have been changes in our solar systems planetary order and positions.

And if this has happened in a few decades, since Velikovsky and his followers were derided for such a completely nonsense theory, what could happen to the time frame of the space bodies wandering? Billions of years down to 100’s of millions of years? Then down to? What about the future and our past?