latest new crater moon impact or electric

New Moon crater! Impact or electrical?

There is detailed imagery confirming a new crater on the Moon. Although the event that caused the bright flash and the new Moon crater occured on 17 March 2013 a number of satellite images have confirmed something happened in the Mare Imbrium area of the Moon.

Is the newest Moon crater an impact crater or an EDM crater?

new moon crater

numerous small surface disturbances (splotches) were detected by comparing the pre- and post-flash images, but no new crater was found.

A second set of NAC images was acquired on July 1st, 2013, showing three faint ray-like features and several chains of splotches and asymmetric splotches that generally pointed to a common area west of the Marshall coordinates.
Moon impact! NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter finds new craters | Astronomy Now

The crater formation event was also the brightest flash of light on the Moon recorded and 10 times brighter than the previous event. For such a tiny impact crater in Mare Imbrium?

The crater formed is small only 18 meters or 60 feet in diameter but its effect on a large local area is noticeable. The photos of the crater and surrounding area show at least 200 changes to the Moons surface. Not just around the latest crater on the Moon but over 30 kilometers or 20 miles away!

Was it an meteorite/asteroid impact or a large plasma discharge event?

latest new crater moon impact or electric

And does the youngest crater on the Moon have a central spire or rebound peak like larger craters have and said to be formed due to rebounding of melted rock? Or is that just a trick of the light that will change when other images are reviewed?