Mythology sites

Mythology sites list of Electric Universe theory mythology, plasma mythology and comparative mythology sites that are based on the EU theory and/or the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.

For sites dedicated to Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories and books view list at bottom of the page.

Mythology sites list
Thunderbolts Project Youtube mythology videos

The Grazian Archive
Alfred de Grazia – how download all of Grazia for free!

Mythopedia – plasma mythology and comparative mythology
(Rens) Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs

Everythings Electric mythology posts and mythology forum discussions

The God King Scenario
Gary Gilligan

Aeon Journal
Maverick Science
Ev Cochrane

Recovering the Lost World: A Saturnian Cosmology
The Other Group: The Success and Failure of Arguments Countering Alternative Cosmologies
Jno Cook

Myths are history
Julian West

Saturn Death Cult
Troy McLachlan

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS)

Inner Traditions
Laird Scranton

Kronos Press
Dave Talbott

Donald Patten

Planet Amnesia
Andrew Fitts

Scientia Press
Kenneth Dillon

God Electric – plasma Egypt mythology

Immanuel Velikovsky sites list

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies – main active site that also host members meetings
The Velikovsky Archive
The Velikovsky Encyclopedia
The Velikovskian Journal
ISIS (Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences)and Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum (JACF) – David Rohl’s groups website not running anymore but website and its important New Chronology revisionism information is back up.
Planet Amnesia – investigates mythology and Immanuel Velikovsky’s theory of mans collective amnesia when it comes to catastrophic events.