Comet Siding Spring

Planet Siding Spring

Planet Siding Spring – a plasma scalability of comet Siding Spring and evidence for planetary catastrophes in an Electric solar system and Universe?

Comet Siding Spring

Thanks to Gary Gilligan (of God King Scenario fame) who gave the SIS article link below. Gilligan also provided the God King Planet Siding Spring text at the bottom in an email on the subject without knowing that it would be posted here. They are more quick notes on the subject rather than a very carefully constructed article for print, peer review and sources.

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Comet Siding Spring: planetary catastrophism evidence for Velikovsky and EU theory

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS Group) has a superb nearly daily In The News review that interprets scientific news from a catastrophism, chronology, Velikovsky or EU theory perspective. The Comet Sliding Spring observations were perfect for SIS and they have a ‘Planet Siding Spring’ article.

Comet Siding Spring

When Siding Spring passed Mars the two bodies were as close as 140,000 kilometres (87,000 miles) of each other – which puts it into perspective. Asteroids pass Earth much closer than that so it is not unreasonable to think a comet may have done so in fairly recent times (which is the basic core of Velikovsky’s ‘World’s in Collision’). In addition, Siding Spring is a small comet – what might have happened if a bigger comet, such as Halley thousands of years ago, came close to the Earth?

… The encounter reads like a paragraph out of Electric Universe speculation and one may wonder what would happen if the coma of a comet came close to the Earth and what phenomena it might generate. This would surely be preserved in mythology – see for example McCafferty and Bailie, ‘The Celtic Gods; comets in Irish mythology’ Tempus:2005. For example, on page 49, they try to make sense of the god Lugh (usually described as a sun god, or a sun-like god) ‘coming up from the west’ (or on the wrong side of the Earth as the Sun rises in the east). Velikovsky used this to suggest the Earth has flipped over on occasion but McCafferty and Baillie come up with a different interpretation – a fast moving object, such as a comet, moving more rapidly than the Earth. It could not be the Sun as that always rises in the east – so it must have been some other space body. A closely approaching comet (relatively speaking) would fit the bill and they conducted an experiment, of sorts, which they describe, that anyone is capable of reproducing to see what they had in mind.

comet siding spring

Contrary to the comments on one of the recent WattsUpWithThat posts, mythology should not be excluded from scientific endeavour – as it provides a clue. All we need to see is the myth in play in the modern world – and various myths appear to describe close encounters with comets (or their constituent parts). Prior to the encounter with Siding Spring it may have been appropriate not to take the myth of Balor, or of Lugh, or indeed of any other pagan god as a description of past events, from a strictly sceptical angle (although often arrogance masquerades as scepticism as a result of puffed up egos and the idea of elite knowledge). Now we have seen what Siding Spring did there is no excuse for ignoring the mythic parallels.

A similar paradigm shift happened in the 1990s when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter – it altered perceptions of the nature of comets. Suddenly they were perceived as a destructive force – whereas previously they had been rather cuddly affairs, fluffy snow balls (a concept some scientists still find hard to dislodge from their minds). The idea comets were concretions of nothing much is what inspired Velikovsky to think a planet sized body must have been responsible for mythic allusions to a cosmic object coming close to the Earth (he never ever said an impact occurred in spite of the urban myth to the contrary). In retrospect this was a serious error – but he wanted something substantial in order to create his perceived catastrophic event (and comets at the time were considered harmless). Science changed its mind – and this makes Velikovsky’s treatment of Venus appear to be more whacky than what it was (but judged from the perspective of the 1940s to 1960s knowledge one can see why he opted for a planet rather than a run of the mill comet, an idea that had been broached by many people earlier than his idea and duly banished into the outer orbit of science).
Electric comet encounter | Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

amun 1

God King Planet Siding Spring Scenario

RE: Electric comet encounter “what might have happened if a bigger comet, such as Halley thousands of years ago, came close to the Earth?”

Or a God King Planet?

I identify Amun with intense geomagnetic storms during the reign of my god king planets – a global phenomenon observed day and night (courtesy a veiled red sun).

amun 5

Although a totally separate entity to the sun god Ra, Amun in the day was commonly known as Amun-Re (a sun glyph added to the name) but this should be seen more as a ‘daytime Amun’ (Amun of the day) as opposed to a true synchronisation between Re/Sun and the aurora/Amun – this would be so even though a direct connection was made between Re and Amun as CMEs (cobras/Wadjet) were observed striking out from Ra and subsequently lighting up earth’s skies (despite the 12 hours delay).


Amun’s epithets are totally consistent with the aurora.

  • Mysterious of form (‘One whose true form could never be known,’ unlike Re who manifest as a red disk)
  • Who raised high the sky
  • The king of the south and of the north
  • Prince of rays and beams of light
  • The flame which sendeth forth rays of light with mighty splendour
  • Living flame who came forth from Nun
  • King of heaven, ruler of the two lands
  • Who makes light/gives free passage
  • Secret of manifestations and sparkling of shape
  • Marvellous god rich in forms
  • Light was his coming into existence on the first occasion
Tut Ankh Amun

Numerous Pharaonic planets were adorned with the titles:

  • Beloved of Amun
  • Chosen of Amun
  • Continuously Loved by Amun
  • The Choice of Amun
  • Made Glorious by Amun
  • Amun is his Strength (and similar especially during the New Kingdom)
Thutmose III or Amun
Thutmose III

To say Amun was inextricably linked to the divine royal family during the New Kingdom would be an understatement – Amun features anywhere and everywhere the length and breath of the Nile Valley.

This was due to the God King Planets either exhibiting geomagnetic traits – Amenemhet [Mars] Amun is at the Head – and/or appearing amidst Earth’s intense periods of Amun’s neon lights – Ramesses [Mars] Continuously Loved by Amun, The Choice of Amun, Made Glorious by Amun, Amun is his Strength … most likely both, as close proximity bodies would trigger a highly charged electromagnetic environment.


The electrical recent exchange between comet Siding Spring and Mars reaffirms the God King Scenario.

The planets Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Moon – in the guise of Egypt’s divine monarchy – many times took up positions between the Sun and the Earth, hence the ubiquitous additional title Beloved of Ra.

Charged particles streamed from these planets in chaos wreaking havoc with earth’s magnetosphere – leading to the skies awash with the auroral manifestations of Amun, hence the “beloved”, “devotional” etc titles.


Comet Venus was, for most of the time, the loving Queen to the warmongering Horus/Mars/Kings as it was systematically torn apart (Pharaonic battles).

Except that is, the time Venus crossed the orbit of Earth to appear sun side, i.e. during the day. The crossing of Earth’s orbit by Venus was responsible for the Second Intermediate period (DARK AGE).


Venus initially loomed large and thus warranted being worshipped not as a Queen (as previous) but a King. Hatshepsut – Comet Venus, Foremost of the Noble Women – reigned supreme as a Horus king for about 22 years (as recorded). The close proximity of Queen Comet Venus played havoc with the aurora for decades as it migrated towards the Sun/Re, hence the very apt titles given to the queens of the Egyptian New Kingdom such as these below and many more:

  • God’s Wife of Amun
  • She Who Embraces Amun
  • United With Amun

Such tiles were a direct result of Comet Venus taking up position between the Sun and the earth and bombarding earth’s magnetosphere with charged particles (in addition to the solar wind output from the Sun/Ra)
Garry Gilligan (God King Scenario)