deer stones mongolia altai plasma mythology

Mytholithics: Mongolia

deer stones mongolia altai plasma mythology
Deer stones, Mongolia

Why and what are the associated mythology with the Mongolian Singing Stones (lithophonic rocks), the stones found in the Qiemu’erqiek Cemeteries? (direct link to PDF), the Deer Stones of Mongolia of the Altai people?

Are they representations of plasma mythology and events in an Electric Universe?

The stone statues in the shapes of people are called anthropomorphic stelae by archeologists, meaning they are representations of the human form used for commemorative purposes. Many cultures, including the ancient Egyptians, used stelae to mark important sites or record significant events.

Other stunning ancient stone mythology sites are found in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Altai mountains regions including the stone shields site.

The stone carvings display a wide variety of facial features. Some represent women and others represent men. Carving styles include three-dimensional figures and engraved flat surfaces. Like the burials, the figures date from the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

One group of figures stand tilting from their long vigil, their simple round faces still looking out over the graves and the bare, flat land surrounding them. The stark landscape and the lines of sadness in the statues’ expressions makes the place timeless and ancient, laden with the lasting sense of human grief. The stone bodies have monolithic simplicity, like the sentries of Easter Island, with cylindrical trunks and wide bases.
Qiemuer Qieke Stone Figures and Graves | China Highlights

Was the area and the stone material formed by natural geological processes or by Electric Universe geology in this region of outstanding geology including the Altai Mountains (Gold Mountains) Including the EU geology of amazingly massive area of the Xinjiang stone forests (petrified wood)?

Mytholithics: Mongolia
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