Moses the Electromagnetic Engineer?

Moses Bible Electric Universe theoryThe heavenly chariots, angels, choirs of angels, trumpet blasts and Mount Sinai, hero's hearing and acting on and leading lots of followers to do what Gods voices commanded, a BBQ lightning duel between rival warrior priests (Elijah on Mount Carmel), Moses holding the Staff of God aloft to win battles, the deadly power of the Arc of Covenant ...

Ancient Plasma Engineers?

Were these plasma fighting laboratory technicians, electromagnetic engineers with a world and solar system to fight on and with?

Were Moses or other similar characters like him in the Bibles Old Testament and other religions and civilisations mythology, stories about Electromagnetic Engineers? Plasma Engineers?

Moses the Electric Universe Engineer?

The mind and universe expanding God’s Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus by the life loving, living and thinking Alfred de Grazia reveals a possible interpretation of what Electromagnetic Mythology could mean.

It is an amazing book or amazing explanation of what is possible when the Electric Universe ideas are used to filter ancient mythology. It may completely change your concept of what the EU theory can imply, or may confirm that it does effect everything. That everything is electric in some form.

And what could be possible in the future?