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Moon and Earth connections?

earth moon connection plasma magnetic electricalIf it is an Electric Universe then things should be connected in a number of ways, especially planets and their moons. What connections are there between the Earth and our Moon?

Will we find electromagnetic, plasma, electric gravity connections?

earth moon connection sun electromagnetic electric universe plasmaHas science already discovered them but interpreted them differently to what the EU theory would suggest they were? What could they be?

Why do we not seem to have found anything as strong and direct as between Jupiter and its moons like Io?

News update about Earth’s ions being transferred to the Moon.

Possible Earth and Moon connections/circuits?

earth moon connection physical

  • Lunar lights (Transient lunar phenomenon)?
  • Magnetic fields – is the Earths so strong due to the Moons apparent weak magnetic field? Both part of the same system and not independent?
  • Gravity fields – is gravity actually electric gravity and again the Moon and the Earths gravity are part of a system?
  • The Moon causing the Earths tides – why do we have 2 high tides per 24 hours?
  • The Moons terminator voltage difference jumps when it goes through the Earths magnetotail (plasmasphere)?

    Drawn by differences in global charge accumulation, floating dust would naturally fly from the strongly negative nightside to the weakly negative dayside. This “dust storm” effect would be strongest at the Moon’s terminator. Much of these details are still speculative, but the Lunar Prospector spacecraft detected changes in the lunar nightside voltage during magnetotail crossings, jumping from −200 V to −1000 V. Further characterization will be done by the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer orbiter in late 2013. The plasma sheet is a very dynamic structure, in a constant state of motion, so as the Moon orbits through the magnetotail the plasma sheet can sweep across it many times with encounters lasting anywhere from minutes to hours or even days.
    Magnetic field of the Moon

  • Will we find that there are plasma tube connections between the Earths atmosphere and the Moon? That these will also then lead to or from the Sun similar to the Flux Transfer Events (TFE’s) that have already been discovered connecting the Earth to the Sun? Or part of these FTE’s?
  • Will the Earths Plasma Fountains be found to connect or deposit in some way to the Moon?
  • Will our planets spacequakes also have a connection to the Moon?
  • Will the Moon be found to change electromagnetically when it moves in front and behind our plasma tail and plasmasphere?
  • The same side of the moon always faces the Earth – is this tidal lock or an electromagnetic attractions or circuit?

Update 7/11/2017

moon earth connection circuit
A connection, a twice monthly exchange or AC/DC?

Could you get some of these or other elements, chemicals, ions from the polar plasma fountains (referred to as polar wind because you don’t want to use the word plasma, similar to solar wind and not solar plasma) and also the equatorial plasma fountain.

once a month, as the Earth is positioned between the sun and moon, the moon is protected from the solar wind. In this new effort, the researchers describe evidence of oxygen ion transport from Earth’s outer atmosphere to the lunar surface during this short periodic time period.

Prior research has shown that oxygen atoms become ionized in Earth’s upper atmosphere when they are struck by ultraviolet light. Sometimes, this causes them to speed up to the point that they break away from the atmosphere and move into what is known as the magnetosphere, a cocoon that surrounds our planet that is stretched like a flag away from the direction of the sun due to the solar wind—so far, in fact, that it covers the moon for five days each lunar cycle, causing the moon to be bombarded with a variety of ions. Data from Kaguya now suggests that some of those ions are oxygen. The researchers found that approximately 26,000 oxygen ions per second hit every square centimeter of the moon’s surface during the deluge.

Because the moon is protected from the solar wind by the Earth when the increase in oxygen ions was recorded, the researchers are confident they come from the Earth. Adding even more credence is that the ions were found to be moving slower than those that normally arrive via the solar wind. Also, they note, prior research has found lunar soil samples containing some degree of oxygen-17 and oxygen-18 isotopes, which are not typically found in space, but are found in the ozone layer covering Earth.
Moon found to be periodically showered with oxygen ions from Earth |