would martian humans be earth humans?

Would Martian humans be Earth humans?

Would Martian humans be Earth humans?

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Would a baby conceived on Mars and born and brought up there be Earth human or a very different Martian human?

Back when scientists first were studying these processes, they believed that information only flows from DNA to RNA into proteins. More examination, however, showed that the information can go in more than one direction.

Sometimes RNAs can be written back into DNAs, for example. Or a DNA strand can be reoriented by a protein, thereby changing the genetic program on the fly.
How The Code Of Life Passed Through Primitive Kinds Of Cells | Astrobio.net

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If humans dna changes due to changes in environment – morphic fields, radiation from the Suns plasma wind for examples – and humans/life is affected by other electromagnetic forces – Schumann resonance, the moon, energetic wind, ions, the electric weather system for examples – then what would human Martians behave like? What would they become?

would martian humans be earth humans?

Would we even be human on Mars?

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What about animals like dogs and other life forms such as microbes, plants etc?

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Thanks to Wallace Thornhill for this line of thinking. He casually mentioned it at end of a conversation and then left me to explore the implications.

Mars human colony (Update 2019)

If there ever is a permanent human population on Mars then what might happen to the children, planets and animals conceived, grown or born on the electrically active and transforming planet?

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk went into a bit more detail about the timelines and vehicle requirements to not only reach Mars, but to set up a sustainable base on the Red Planet that can serve as an actual city, supporting a local population. That’s the long-term vision for Musk and his space technology company, after all — making humans an interplanetary species.
Elon Musk says building the first sustainable city on Mars will take 1,000 Starships and 20 years | TechCrunch

Would the scions of man and women living for years and decades in a Mars colony be transmuted by electric forces, would it be a unplanned scientific experiment of the Morphic Resonance/Fields theory of Rupert Sheldrake?

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What would be the effects of long term electroculture, electric fertilizer, magnetoculture?

Mars city living

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