Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

Mars ocean tsunami scenarios

What are the EU theory explanations and/or alternatives of the recent suggestion of geological evidence (and computer modelling) of at least two Mars tsunamis created by meteor impacts in a now missing Mars ocean?

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

Are they the result of what colossal event formed the Valles Marineris and perhaps other grand canyons on planets?

It has been proposed that ~3.4 billion years ago an ocean fed by enormous catastrophic floods covered most of the Martian northern lowlands. However, a persistent problem with this hypothesis is the lack of definitive paleoshoreline features. Here, based on geomorphic and thermal image mapping in the circum-Chryse and northwestern Arabia Terra regions of the northern plains, in combination with numerical analyses, we show evidence for two enormous tsunami events possibly triggered by bolide impacts, resulting in craters ~30‚ÄČkm in diameter and occurring perhaps a few million years apart.

The tsunamis produced widespread littoral landforms, including run-up water-ice-rich and bouldery lobes, which extended tens to hundreds of kilometers over gently sloping plains and boundary cratered highlands, as well as backwash channels where wave retreat occurred on highland-boundary surfaces. The ice-rich lobes formed in association with the younger tsunami, showing that their emplacement took place following a transition into a colder global climatic regime that occurred after the older tsunami event. We conclude that, on early Mars, tsunamis played a major role in generating and resurfacing coastal terrains.
Tsunami waves extensively resurfaced the shorelines of an early Martian ocean | Nature

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

Could it have been some other event that created large waves or movement and deposition of material?

Below are some summaries of what different Electric Universe theory investigators might suggest what processes took place.

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Plasma Arc Blast Geology

Plasma Cosmology plasma arc welding.

Worlds in Collision scenario

An Immanuel Velikovsky based Worlds in Collision scenario interpretation could closely match the scientists announcement but with a much more recent time frame for the impacts/bolides to hit the Mars ocean.

Velikovsky/Steinbacher scenario

Michael Steinbacher did suggest using Immanuel Velikovsky’s ideas that material came into the Earths atmosphere and then an electrical process of aggregation/attraction and sorting of falling debris material created the Grand Canyon.

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

Steinbacher then suggested that this may be how the sort of similar shaped but scalable Mars Valles Marineris was created.

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

As possibly shown through Electric Universe geology videos using the EU experiments by Billy Yelverton (Mr2Tuff2).

God King Scenario

A God King Scenario interpretation would be similar to a Worlds in Collision event, as the GKS is based on the Velikovsky/Ackerman scenario.

To gain some kind of idea of the apocalyptic events to have befallen Mars I have suggested in previous works that it would be like placing Earth in some kind of erratic cosmic washer-dryer for 3,000 years with the setting on melt! It has been tossed, shaken, stirred, boiled and set alight, all of which has transformed it from an Earth-like planet to a now virtually dry, barren, frozen world.
Extraterrestrial Sands book | Gary Gilligan

The Velikovsky/Ackerman scenario also suggests that Mars had its solid iron core pulled out through the Valles Marineris scar by vast electromagnetic forces and that the core become the planet Mercury. If Mars was a water world during that event then it would have created monstrous waves with enough energy to transport material.

Valles Marinas Thunderbolt scenario

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories
A Thunderbolts scenario interpretation could perhaps suggest that the material was removed then sorted and layered by electromagnetic forces.

Perhaps as a result of the events and processes that created the Valles Marineris, such as a massive electric discharge and/or plasma blast or EDM (electric discharge machining)?

The suggested shoreline debris and waveform area is made up of the lowlands of Chryse Planitiae and Acidalia Planitiae, with the highlands of Xanthe, Tempe and Arabia Terrae. These are found at the northern end of the Valles Marineris.

Transmutation of material in situ scenario?

Could the material and elements have been transmuted where they were found by blasts or waves of EM energy? Converting them into different compounds and elements?

Any large event not even on Mars could perhaps have caused it, or, whatever created not just the Valles Marineris but other electromagnetic geology such as Olympus Mons.

This could also have happened after any of the events mentioned here.

Yelverton scenario

In one of Billy Yelverton’s EU geology videos the experiment seems to show that water follows the electric current creating the rille, canyon, valley. If the Valles Marineris was carved by a plasma arc on a wet Mars and in a Martian sea then could the electrically pulled water with its sediment have come out in this area, like the delta shape the Chryse Planitiae and surrounding area could look like?

Combinations of the scenarios?

Could it have occurred by a combination of a couple or more of the scenarios?

Instead of looking or getting trapped into finding a one time process that can explain it completely it may have been a variety of these processes and could even be over different events and time periods.