electric universe theory tipping point

Magnetic Reconnection mission: Electric Universe theory tipping point?

electric universe theory tipping pointNASA are launching a mission to investigate the Earths magnetic reconnections. The Magnetospheric Multiscale mission (MMS) will be launched in March 2015. NASA suggest it will be a game changer and how right they are but not in the way they think.

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mission will provide more evidence of the EU theory, or at least that sciences Magnetic Reconnection theory is completely wrong.

Will the results of NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mission be the eventual tipping point for the EU theory? Will the MMS mission itself be the start of a paradigm shift from the theory of Gravity and Big Bang universe?

If you are into the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) then you will want to read this whole article from NASA called The Science of Magnetic Reconnection.

If you believe in a Gravity Universe or do not believe in the Electric Universe theory then you should also read this article and in 2015 remember what they expected to find and what they actually found. There will be many surprises and amazing things discovered by NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mission. Science magnetic reconnection theories will be modified or they will be forced to go back to the magnetic reconnection theory drawing board to create a new theory.

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