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Definitely magma

magma definitionWhat is magma?

Some scientific type people have suggested we need to define the term of what magma is (not its formation process).

Magma: naturally occurring, fully or partially molten rock material generated within a planetary body, consisting of melt with or without crystals and gas bubbles and containing a high enough proportion of melt to be capable of intrusion and extrusion.
We Need a New Definition for Magma | Earth & Space Science News

Magma formation process not defined?

what is magma definition
This definition of magma does not limit the origin and formation process of molten rocks.

If you can theoretically or experimentally start to show how non standard explanations, electromagnetic geology for example, could produce ‘magma‘ then this possible new magma definition does not rule them out?
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Could there also be a scale of very less or very more molten rock magma?

Is everything above absolute zero partially melting?