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Living in the Saturn Configuration

Saturnian System Myth polarWhat would it have been like for humans and life on planet earth to live during the time of the Saturn Polar Configuration theory (Saturn Myth, Polar Configuration, Saturn Theory, Saturnian Configuration etc) that the Thunderbolts Team suggest as our solar systems cosmogony?

Living in the Polar Configuration

Saturn Theory golden age
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The website long article called A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze explains what Earth might have looked like, what the sky would have appeared like and other stuff during the Saturnian Myth time.

Governed by this polar configuration the earth would have been enveloped in this brown dwarf star’s plasma sheath, a giant bubble of plasma that is the equivalent of our current sun’s heliosphere. The Sun’s heliosphere is currently believed to serve as a protective bubble around the current solar system shielding it from so-called intergalactic solar winds.

With Earth previously being wrapped in Saturn’s brown dwarf star plasma sheath, all the radiated energy and light being emitted from the brown dwarf would have been uniformly reflected back off the plasma sheath onto Earth. This would have effectively blocked out all other incoming light from other stars and produced a purple-like celestial haze due to the radiation frequencies produced by a brown dwarf star. Hence the ‘purple’ colouring of what is called the Purple Dawn of man’s ancient past.

… This purple dawn period would have produced an environment of perpetual twilight, with uniform global temperatures producing virtually no wind and there being a complete inability to calculate time. All continents, including Antarctica, would have supported the continual growth of fantastically elongated and splayed reddish vegetation in tropical abundance. Adapted through its red colouring to absorbing Saturn’s radiated energy rather than its light, Earth’s vegetation would have enjoyed a complete absence of seasons and this would have contributed to a densely rich atmosphere able to support the flight of giant insects that we know once existed.

From orbit, the Earth would have been cast in a darkish purple hue, and its ocean levels would have been significantly lower leading to larger versions of the existing continents as well as the existence of now lost and submerged continents.

Also, the Earth’s then electrical relationship to its brown dwarf star would have produced a different and lesser gravity allowing for the gigantic proportions of some species (now extinct) to flourish.
A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze | Saturn Death Cult

Living with a small brown dwarf

saturn configuration polar theory living in brown dwarf

Since an electric star is heated externally a planet need not be destroyed by orbiting beneath its anode glow. In fact life is not only possible inside the glow of a small brown dwarf, it seems far more likely than on a planet orbiting outside a star! This is because the radiant energy arriving on a planet orbiting inside a glowing sphere is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the planet.

There are no seasons, no tropics and no ice-caps. A planet does not have to rotate, its axis can point in any direction and its orbit can be eccentric. The radiant energy received by the planet will be strongest at the blue and red ends of the spectrum. Photosynthesis relies on red light. Sky light would be a pale purple (the classical “purple dawn of creation”). L-type Brown Dwarfs have water as a dominant molecule in their spectra, along with many other biologically important molecules and elements. Its “children” would accumulate atmospheres and water would mist down. It is therefore of particular interest that most of the extra-solar planets discovered are gas giants, several times the size of Jupiter, orbiting their star extremely closely. It is our system of distantly orbiting planets that seems the odd one out. In fact it argues in favor of a galactic traffic accident between the Sun and a sub-Brown Dwarf like Jupiter or Saturn.
Other stars, other worlds, other life? | holoscience

NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau

NASA has had some fun and created some travel posters for exoplanets.

But what would humans have experienced if they had lived before, during and after the Saturn Polar Configuration?

What would the Saturnian System have looked like or felt like? Would it have had its own sound and frequency?

Saturn Polar Configuration theory

Polar Configuration theory

saturnian configuration theory