lightning strike discharge river video

Lightning strikes and explodes river!

Amazing and it actually is amazing video of a lightning discharge strike into a river and the explosive carnage it creates.

Watch in the film as the electrical current goes through the water away from the plasma discharge with the explosion following it.

Could it have even been faked?


Thanks to Brent Hofman Jr @BrentJr for bringing this amazing video to our attention.

Lightning strikes and the river explodes with questions and any answers?

The lightning discharges/flows over the ground into the water. Rivers of plasma mythology?

On the left where the early water explosion jet happens, is that light brown cloud due to that event?

What would a mega lightning discharge do to a river in a town on the sea side? What did megalightning do to the Space Shuttle Columbia?

And when the sky gods waged war and struck all the gods and planets?

If plasma stuff is scalable and large craters are electrical discharges/explosions then they perhaps could also create the tidal waves and tsunamis, the debris layers like conglomerates, breccias etc.

Combine that with the peer reviewed suggestion that some lightning discharges shock and transform quartz into other minerals. Dr Jay Melosh also suggests that perhaps some meteorite glass, like the Argentinian Pampas glass might actually have been created by lighting hits, instead of large scale rocks impacting on the Earth and creating natural glass.

Fake lighting strike?

Is this lightning explosion a fake video and man made? How would this fakery be produced and filmed?

Explosive wire. Chemical blast … Its the detonating cord used to trigger mining explosives like anfo. 6400 m/s speed. Worked in a mine for 8 years.

Another person mentioned that the lightnings electricity goes over the ground, the Earth, into the river. Why does it not earth itself before it gets to the water?