magma what is it

Lava coils and magma transformers?

magma what is itThese molten magma ropes look almost like coils around a wire as used in transformers and other electrical components and circuits.

These lava rope like structures known as pāhoehoe (pahoehoe) are from volcano’s.

Could lava sometimes naturally create an electromagnetic coil and/or step up or step down transformers and other energy mutation mechanics?

The magnetic field lines of a current-carrying loop of wire pass through the center of the loop, concentrating the field there
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Natural electromagnetic coils and transformers?

magma pahoehoe wires nature electromagnetic coils
Does molten magma not direct from a volcano source of origin and energy also create magma ropes that could be a potential natural electromagnetic coil?

Could these be a natural shape for magma wires, similar to how we twist electrical wires such as copper?

Or are they just natural shapes.