Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe

Lamproite barramundi

Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe
Argyle diamond mine pipe

The Argyle diamond pipe is what geology calls a lamproite pipe or a lamproite volcanic pipe. Most diamond mines are located on a kimberlite pipe.

The Argyle diamond mine pipe is also the reverse of kimberlite diamond pipes, it has low grade diamonds but the lamproite diamondiferous ore has the highest density of these diamonds found in it.

The local Aborigine clans suggest that they witnessed a form of what appears to be a plasma phenomenon just were the Argyle diamond pipe is found and being mined.

 lamproite kimberlite breccia diamond pipeA quick glance at the Electric Universe geology of the area and the diamond pipe may back up their claims of the plasma barramundi as the origin of the Argyle diamonds and not millions of years ago.

Also, could a plasma geology experiment show mineral pipes could be formed through a massive plasma discharge?

Lamproite barramundi

 Argyle diamond mine pipe Lamproite barramundiIn an Electric Universe if some form of large energy had flowed into and out of the land at Kununurra and Argyle then you would hope to see some evidence of this?

What is interesting when combined with the idea of EM energy flowing just below the surface between the diamond mines is that the Argyle lamproite pipe is more vertical than horizontal and goes up or down at a 30 degree angle.

Also the lamproite diamond ore is much larger at its north end than the south end, the Argyle AK1 lamproite is described as tadpole shape.

Lamproite diamonds

diamonds pipes lamproite kimberlite brecciaAnother famous lamproite diamond pipe is the Crater of Diamonds, Akansas, US. This also has lots of diamonds but most are so low gemstone quality that the public is allowed to pay to dig for their own diamonds.

But are the quality of diamonds nothing to do with the host material of lamproite or kimberlite or other?

Are low quality diamonds just an indicator that some form of EU geology has occurred. But information that in the future may help work out what sort of electromagnetic/plasma process may have transmuted the material?