earth ground uplift laguna del maule chile

Volcano’s ground rising 10 inches every year!

laguna del maule volcano chile
Laguna del Maule volcano, Chile
Laguna del Maule, a caldera lake in a large volcanic field in Chile, has has its ground rising at 10 inches every year for over 5 years!

rhyolite volcano laguna del maule chileThe Laguna del Maule is a guessed to be a rhyolite volcano so if it does explode it should be a spectacular occasion.

earth ground uplift laguna del maule chile
Laguna del Maule Volcanic Complex – rhyolite lava flows and volcano domes

“The rate of uplift – among the highest ever observed – has been sustained for seven years, and we have discovered a large, fluid-rich zone in the crust under the lake using electrical resistivity methods. Thus, there are not many possible explanations other than a big, active body of magma at a shallow depth.”

The expanding body of magma could freeze in place – or blow its top, he says. “One thing we know for sure is that the surface cannot continue rising indefinitely.”
UW team explores large, restless volcanic field in Chile

Will electromagnetic phenomena be observed at Laguna del Maule?

There is going to be a large scientific study of the Laguna del Maule area and its volcanoes. Will they observe any electromagnetic phenomena before, during and after any explosion?