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Iron Mountains and iron ore geology

There are a surprising amount of mountains in the world called Iron Mountain, with some associated mining towns often referred locally to their precious commodity. There are Ore Mountains containing iron and other metal bearing rocks.

To show how normal mountain ranges made of iron rock are even Tolkien’s Middle Earth had an Iron Mountain that were broken down into the an iron mountain range, the Iron Hills.

You also naturally have mines linked to Iron Mountains, iron hills or iron mountain ranges where there is mining for magnetite, haematite etc.

Iron-working is siderurgy, a word out of ancient Greece and Rome. It translates properly as the working of star-iron. The Greek word for anvil, on which iron was worked, was close to the word for a meteoric stone. The Eygptians called iron “the bones of Typhon” and “a gift from Seth,” both names corresponding to bodies crashing into the Earth, devil-monster and devil-god. Meteoritic iron was known to the early dynasties.

“The Jews called iron ore nechoshet, which literally means the ‘droppings of the (cosmic)serpent,’ a nonsensical term unless our interpretation of it is allowed.”The Jews forbade the use of iron in chiseling stones for the construction of an altar. “A similar taboo was observed in Greek and Roman cults, it was and still is widespread.”
The Iron Age of Mars | Alfred de Grazia

What geological process can concentrate so much pure iron ore in these areas?

Do other metals or minerals form concentrated areas or mountains?

Formation processes of Iron Mountains

Are the formation of Iron Mountains due to the geology theory of rock cycle?

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One of the Earth’s biggest mysteries relates to its gravity. For our planet to have its gravity strength it must have an amazing amount of heavy metal material found in its interior. How did such large amounts of iron either never go into Earth’s interior or how did these metals come up or why have they not sunk down into and under the planets surface?

Was the iron ore and the Iron Hills and Iron Mountain ranges themselves formed in situ, where they are found and how they are basically found now? The reason why mountains look newish and seem to fit into place in the local environment?

Did powerful electromagnetic forces provide the energy, heat, forces to transform the original material into iron ore? If the electromagnetic event effected a portion of the local matrix material you could then have surprising iron mountains in the middle of normal rock mountains.

Or could Earth’s large iron ore geology features and even its smaller things like iron meteorites all be due to extraterrestrial events and of extraterrestrial origin as suggested by Alfred de Grazia in his The Lately Tortured Earth book and especially The Iron Age of Mars book and also by Gary Gilligan in his Extraterrestrial Sands book?

virtually all iron formations on or near Earth’s surface are the results of recent events in the heavens. This would include the world’s vast amount reservoirs of Iron Ore – which incidentally are found in sedimentary rocks. They form layers that alternate with layers of silica and sometimes shale.
Extraterrestrial Sands | Gary Gilligan

Iron Mountain formation geology features

Michael Steinbacher would perhaps suggest an aggregation/attraction of iron particles as the material fell out of our skies from another planet or comet in a Immanuel Velikovsky style Worlds in Collision event.

Is an iron geology formation the result of one EU event or process? Or is it a combination of processes and events over time?

Are there other Electric Universe geology formation processes to explain how iron ore mountain ranges can form?

Are there other geological processes that are said to be behind the formation of Iron Mountains, hills and ranges?

Are there other alternative geology theories that may explain these large lumps of iron ore? If you know of any more please comment below or contact the site.

Iron Mountains and Iron Hills list

Below is a list of Iron Mountains, Iron Hills and Iron Mines located around the world, most appear to be in English language countries, I guess because its easier to internet search for those. This list has mostly been copied from Wikipedia but some extra entries have been added.

If you know of any other large iron features that should be included on this list then please comment below or contact the site.

United States of America
Iron Mountain, Shasta County, California
Iron Mountain, Missouri,
Iron Mountain (Farthing), Wyoming
Iron Mountain Mine, California
Iron Mountain District, Utah
Iron Mountain, Los Angeles County, California
Iron Mountain, Napa County, California
Iron Mountain, Ouray County, Colorado

Iron Hill, Gunnison County, Colorado
Iron Mountain, Sangre de Cristo Range, southern Colorado
Iron Mountain, Never Summer Mountains, northern Colorado
Iron Mountain, Florida
Iron Mountain, Jefferson County, Montana
Iron Mountain, Oregon
Iron Mountain, South Dakota
Iron Mountain, Utah)
Iron Mountains, Appalachian Mountains range
Iron Mountains, Mojave Desert, California

Iron Mountain, Mission, British Columbia
Iron Mountain, West Kootenay region, British Columbia
Iron Mountain, Kitimat Ranges
Iron Mountain, Thompson Plateau, Merritt
Iron Mountain, Nipissing, Ontario

Mount Erzberg, Eisenerz, Styria

Slovak Ore Mountains

Munţii Metaliferi (Transylvanian Ore Mountains), Apuseni Mountains

Serbian Ore Mountains, Carpathian Mountains

Magnetic Mountain, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast

Central Europe Ore Mountains
Železné hory or Krušné hory, Chrudim District, Czech Republic
Erzgebirge, Germany