jupiter io auroras polar trigger explosion not sun

BOOM! Io triggers Jupiter electromagnetic aurora explosions

jupiter io auroras polar trigger explosion not sunJupiter and its moon Io have been discovered to trigger polar auroras, apperantly without the Suns solar wind (plasma) triggering the aurora explosions.

It seems that the electromagnetic/plasma circuit between Io and Jupiter can increase Jupiters massive polar auroras. The Sun is NOT involved or at least not the main provider of the energy event.

new observations of the planet’s extreme ultraviolet emissions show that bright explosions of Jupiter’s aurora likely also get kicked off by the planet-moon interaction, not by solar activity.

Starting in January 2014, a telescope aboard the JAXA’s Hisaki satellite, which focused on Jupiter for two months, recorded intermittent brightening of the giant planet’s aurora. The telescope detected sudden flare-ups on days when the usual flow of charged particles from the Sun, known as the solar wind, was relatively weak.

Additional space and ground-based telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope, also viewed Jupiter during these lulls in the solar wind. Both Hisaki and Hubble witnessed explosions of the planet’s aurora despite the solar wind’s calm, suggesting that it’s the Jupiter-Io interaction driving these explosions, not charged particles from the Sun, according to the new study.
Explosions of Jupiter’s aurora linked to extraordinary planet-moon interaction

jupiter io trigger planet moon plasmaOne of the things about an Electric Universe is that there would need or should be circuits and interaction between everything. The Eu theory suggests that the planets and their moons are in an electrical/plasma circuit with each other, that those planets then are perhaps connected to each other and certainly with the plasma in the solar sytem and perhaps directly to the Sun itself, with the Electric Sun connected to the rest of the galaxy and that connected to the rest of the Universe. The Earth connects to the Sun every 8 minutes through Flux Transfer Events and so do other planets like Mercury.

Jupiter/Io electrical feedback system?

Here we present evidence provided by the new Hisaki spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope that shows that such brightening of Jupiter’s aurora can in fact be internally driven. The brightening has an excess power up to ~550 GW. Intense emission appears from the polar cap region down to latitudes around Io’s footprint aurora, suggesting a rapid energy input into the polar region by the internal plasma circulation process.
Transient internally driven aurora at Jupiter discovered by Hisaki and the Hubble Space Telescope

Is this part of the Jupiter/Io electric feedback system? Happening when the energy from the Sun is at its lowest?

Or is the Jupiters moon Io some sort of battery for the Jupiter system?

When the Jupiter/Io auroras happen does energy go from there back to the Sun or the nearest planet or other Jupiter moons?