intelligent design redesign

Intelligent redesign?

intelligent design redesignA lady is reported to have been self cured of a horrible rare disease (WHIM syndrome) when her DNA mutated.

This mutation just happened to be perfect to cure her body.

intelligent design dna evidence humansThe odds are so improbable that although science considers it luck/fluke it has to be considered that something – DNA, body, Gaia, universe etc – knew what it was doing.

An event called “chromosomal shattering” in which a part of the DNA is rearranged led to 164 genes being lopped out of her DNA. Crucially this included the mutated one that was causing the problem.

If this had happened in a muscle cell it would have made no difference to her. But it took place in a stem cell that manufactures immune cells.
Woman ‘cured by lucky DNA mutation’

Is this a sort of intelligent redesign, Akashic Records, electromagnetic evolution or just one of the biggest medical flukes ever?